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October 5th and 6th 2018

GetImage 3You will love this years Music Festival. You help support a terrific co-op, farm and community. After our historic carriage ride around our historic park, you can enjoy a great concert and, concert goers can get great picks of a vintage re-enactment of a wonderful period in our history...DeLoRoc! After the historic carriage ride, you can have your own wonderful carriage experience around the park. Carriage Rides will be available for you and your family and friends. You have to make reservations before the festival. So when you get your tickets with the concert, you can get your carriage ride reservation. Better hurry, so many will want to take a historic carriage ride around our wonderful park. Be a part of our great tradition!

We are re-enacting a historical moment in our history to kick off the NuWaters Music Festival in October. We are having a DeRoLoc parade and next year a DeRoLoc parade and Ball. We need your help in bringing this timeless picture in history to life. Volunteers will dress in historical attire, ride in vintage horse drawn carriages and parade around the historical Emancipation park. We need your sponsorship of $650 per carriage/historic attire to do this. Help us uplift and honor a tradition that will seal our historic presence in our community. This will be an annual event, and educate our young people. Sponsors will receive a historic picture of their sponsored carriage and riders and 2 tickets to the first concert in the 2 day fundraising celebration, and can take a ride in the carriage around the park for an enjoyable celebration of history. Help us bring history to life and build up our fantastic food co-op. Food First! Food Peace! NuWaters. (Music Festival Sponsorships are also available).

(832) 807-3738  2320 Elgin St.  Houston, TX 77004 

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